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Chiropractic is the fastest growing natural health care profession in the world.  Doctor John J Kozik D.C., specializes in finding, locating, and removing a common condition known as Vertebral Subluxation....more.

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Doctor John J Kozik D.C.


After having a chiropractic office in Corry since 1985, Dr. John Kozik decided to open a second office location in the Erie area, specifically at 8800 Perry Highway, Summit Township, a mile south of Presque Isle Downs and Casino on Route 97.  Over the years his patients have come from an ever increasing radius with a large number from the Erie area and this helped the decision to expand.

Probably the biggest reasons Dr. Kozik has opened another office is because retirement is not an option at this time because:
  • He is too young to retire thanks to God, a wonderful wife and genetics.
  • He loves the profession of Chiropractic and has seen the positive impacts on patients health and his own.
  • It is the best way to expand the business as evident by many providers of health care.
  • It is just exciting to do something with a positive direction.

Having two office locations will be harder on Dr. Kozik and his wife LaTrelle than it will be on the patients.  Hours will be divided throughout the week primarily half and half however phones will be connected and scheduled appointments will be the primary method of seeing patients.  Dr. Kozik states that once established at the second location plans are in the making of having at least one associate working with him.  Be assured Dr. Kozik's present patients will not be abandoned or neglected.

Dr. Kozik grew up in the Corry area, actually Columbus, Pennsylvania on a dairy farm.  To this day he states he would not trade the upbringing on that farm and the schooling he got in Columbus and Corry school system.  Dr. Kozik was personally introduced to chiropractic due to a severe low back injury when he was in his early thirties.  Until that point in life he felt chiropractors were quacks because that is what he learned growing up.  When he was injured he saw some of the best medical doctors in Santa Barbara, California where he lived at the time.  He was facing back surgery and told that if he did not have back surgery he would be in a wheelchair within three months.  Dr. Kozik was working for a division of Hughes Aircraft at the time and was missing work for a few weeks which he was told at work to just get better.  A friend from work tried to convince him to see a chiropractor but he was apprehensive about going to a chiropractor, after much pushing he went to Dr. Blum in Goleta, California.  His back was so bad at this point that he actually could not stand up so he crawled into this chiropractors office, Dr. Blum examined him and then told John Kozik that he can come back in a day for treatment after he reviewed his findings, Dr. Kozik was the last patient of the day and pleaded with Dr. Blum to help now and he finally said "okay lay on the table" and after the adjustments to the spine he was able to stand up almost straight with very little pain for the first time in close to a month.  After several scheduled treatments later John Kozik was "as good as new" and of course talked to everyone about the wonders of chiropractic.  After the initial incident Dr. Blum treated him on a regular therapeutic schedule and later went to a once a month maintenance schedule which Dr. Kozik believes is the optimal preventative health care tool in existence.

The next chapter in Dr. Kozik's life began a few years down the road after a co-worker, actually his boss was quitting his job to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and he thought John should go also.  Dr. Blum and his wife were also trying to convince John to go to Palmer and become a chiropractor.  At that time nothing happened but a few years later job changes and circumstances made it an easier decision to go to College in Davenport, Iowa.  Dr. Kozik was able to get the prerequisites for chiropractic college in California.  After several years of intense studies John J. Kozik graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic September 28, 1984 as Doctor of Chiropractic.  Doctor Kozik's father had passed away three months before graduation so he moved back home to Corry to be close to his mother.  Dr. Kozik was warmly welcomed to Corry by the two chiropractors in Corry at that time, Dr. P.D. Cook III, Dr. William Mack and Dr. Joseph Seitz of Union City with whom Dr. Kozik is glad he had the pleasure of spending time.

Dr. Kozik has been very active with the state chiropractic organizations, since the first year in practice he has been some type of office holder including district V.P., President, Alternate State Director and State Director for the now named Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.  The state association is basically a trade organization that works to protect the chiropractors of the state from outside forces that tend to do chiropractic harm.  Other than office personnel in Harrisburg workers such as Dr. Kozik are unpaid volunteers fighting to protect the profession.  He continues to fight issues such as unfair payments, denials for necessary chiropractic care and access to hospital x-ray facilities.  Dr. Kozik says Chiropractic is still misunderstood and down right prejudiced against, look up the word prejudice.

Dr. Kozik worked for several years with three different chief executive officers, chiefs of staff and boards of Corry Memorial Hospital until in 1997 finally got hospital chiropractic privileges, by-laws and credential procedures, in order to establish chiropractic services at CMH. Dr. Kozik was the first Chiropractic Allied Health Professional on staff at CMH.  Dr. Kozik has been on Allied Staff at Millcreek Community Hospital for fifteen years.  Moving forward has been Dr. Kozik's premise since he was a child and will continue as long as possible.  Through the innumerable experiences of life and chiropractic practice with additional volumes of continuing education Dr. Kozik has only become impassioned with the goal of helping humankind in as many ways as possible.  He has seen virtual miracles in practice, patients with years of severe headaches responding immediately to first treatment, some patients with low back pain had a side effect after a treatment that they did not need antacids anymore, patients helped with soft tissue injuries with ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation, traction (Decompression Therapy), exercise therapy, nutritional therapy and other adjunctive therapies, all of this is what keeps Dr. Kozik going and yes even opening another office.

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