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Info On Low Back Pain

Doctor John J Kozik D.C.

Osteoarthritis is commonly considered a "wear-and-tear" process and is associated with degenerative changes in the disc, which results in an altered relationship (derangement) between adjacent vertebrae.  This derangement causes an increased strain, as well as a loss of motion of the gliding joints of the spine.  These gliding joints (facets) are found in pairs, along the entire spine, and their function is to allow for movement and flexibility of the spine.  When these facet joints are subjected to repeated trauma from excessive strenuous athletic activities, heredity, weak abdominal muscles, and the inevitable aging process, low back and/or leg pain is commonly experienced.

Degenerative changes in the disc or an altered function in the facet joints, for whatever reason, contributes significantly to the "wear-and-tear" process, placing a strain upon this important area of the spine.  The osteoarthritis spine becomes less flexible, and therefore becomes more vulnerable to injury.  A simple unexpected or forced movement, physically heavy work, improper posture, frequent bending or lifting, all these can produce strain and injury to these facet joints.

As the Intervertebral disc narrows, it loses height, mobility, and often forms bony spurs which may irritate the spinal nerve roots as the disc space narrows.

Specific chiropractic adjustment of the spine improve spinal mobility and unlock the facet joints helping to relieve the accompanying muscular, ligamentous, and tendon contractions, as well as the mechanical or reflex irritation of the nerve root.  It is important to follow the specific instructions of your doctor regarding your work activity, leisure activity, exercise program, weight control, occupational factors, and frequency of visits in order to achieve the optimum relief from your back pain and to prevent recurrence.

Instructions for Home Care for a Low Back Injury

When convalescing from a back sprain or strain or acute disc injury, the following are recommended:

  • Do not apply heat unless instructed by your chiropractor.
  • Do not take hot tub baths with acute low back problems until instructed to do so.
  • Do not sleep on soft bed. Sleep in a firm bed, king-sized bed, or sleep alone.  To arise, turn to unaffected side, draw up knees, place feet on floor, push yourself to sitting position sideways, stand straight up keeping back straight.
  • Do not sleep on your abdomen unless instructed to do so by your chiropractor.  Sleep on your side with one or both knees slightly bent. If on your back, place pillow under knees.
  • Do not sit on soft or deep chairs or sofas.
  • Do not walk up or down stairs more than absolutely necessary.  Do not walk on rough terrain.
  • Do not lift heavy objects. When lifting bring objects close to you, using your legs in lifting, not your back.  Do not stoop forward with knees straight.
  • Squat down, using your knees and strong leg muscles, not your back.
  • Do not stand for long periods of time. If necessary such as for ironing, keep one foot on low stool.  This will relieve backache.
  • Do not drive during the acute/pain state unless absolutely necessary.  Try to have a friend or family member drive you to the office until you ask your doctor about driving yourself.

Should symptoms recur, consult your chiropractor promptly.

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