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Chiropractic is the fastest growing natural health care profession in the world.  Doctor John J Kozik D.C., specializes in finding, locating, and removing a common condition known as Vertebral Subluxation....more.

Help For Learning, Behavioral, Emotional, And Neurological Problems

Doctor John J Kozik D.C.

Spinal care has been shown to help children with emotional, behavioral, emotional and neurological problems.  Pilot studies have confirmed clinical findings that chiropractic care has a positive effect on anxiety, inability to concentrate, low mental stamina, hyperactivity, discipline problems and even low grades and low I.Q.  After chiropractic care grades improved, attention span increased, discipline problems diminished, energy and attitude improved and neurological and other physical problems subsided.

More to come.  This is a work in progress.  Check Back.

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